Année Bissextile


Hey, hey, hey, the site is running! Glad you made it and came over! To cut the story short - this website exists for a sole purpose of exposing some of my so called artwork and photography to your curious eyes. Hope you'll have a pleasant stay, and if you feel like getting in touch with me, you'll find the address elsewhere on this very homepage.
Shot outs to Occulkot for helping me out with accomplishing this website big way!

Uhhh, not many updates recently, eh? My stalkers already wear out I see. Crap! But anyway, busy days now here at Jaszak Towers, we're messing around with too many things at once, but at least it means more product soon. Just finished Antimatter "Planetary Confinement" edition for Europe (worldwide actually methinks, excluding USA) doing some nice layout switch ups, now we got a line of another releases, including priority THE VISION BLEAK "Carpathia" album, and then... weeee... SECRETS OF THE MOON "The Exhibitions EP", LEAKH "Et Cetera" CD, DORNENREICH "Hexenwind" CD and "Looking for Europe" (neofolk history book/compilation CD). Thank god it's sunday.

About année bissextile

Ahem, well... What can I say? Born in the spring time of very punk rock year 1977, the time of prochaine annee bissextile, managed to grow up to 190 cm of one hell of a bastard. Finished some more or less worthless schools, ended up doing my own thing, without paying much attention to the surroundings. I used to do all sort of drawing all over the books in school which eventually later turned into wild interest in drawing Robocop portraits in mighty Art Studio on ZX Spectrum - or rather its glorious clone Timex 2048 (Eight horizontal and vertical lines and you are done! These were the times!). It led me through amateur websites I did for my fave bands, then various independent press publications of mine to end up in a first fulltime designing job for Morbid Noizz productions (a Polish record label, known mostly for ripping other labels off. Doh!). Quickly swapped for another designing jobs at Wolfpack and Bad Taste magazine, did some freelancing jobs here and there, to end up as a full time graphic designer maniac at German Prophecy Productions, where I enjoy working 'til this very day. I started at Prophecy with the catalogue number Pro044, now we've just hit Pro074! :) In the meanwhile, I enjoy crawling around with the camera, capturing reality, and do some people-shots in the photo studio I am still building with laziness and passion ;) I suppose this website will give you some hints, who, where and how. Keep browsin'!

Short story, no big deal. You can touch me if you want.


Modelling année bissextile

Now how about some posing? If you'd like to cooperate with me somehow, try yourself out in front of my camera, become a part of one of my artworks, covers or just would like to get snaps of yourself taken, feel free to contact me instantly. There's just one most important condition - you gotta live in Poland (prerefably, south-east or similar (Lublin and/or Cracow), Germany or Sweden, where I like to hang around.


Bissextile Prints


Here's for all of you, who ask me for my prints all the time. You can now easily purcase a print of my own using Paypal (worldwide) or PayU (Poland). All prints are on matte or glossy paper (please specify when ordering - personally I advise matte prints!), signed and absolutely wonderful. Click to preview, then keep clicking to order!

Are you completely devastated after not finding your favourite artwork to purchase? Worry not - just email me and ask, and I will see what we can do about it.

When ordering, please specify size, kind of paper (glossy or matte) and the title & size of the photo you're just ordering.
All prints are sent out within a week (allow some time for processing! They are done just for you!)
Prints larger than 15x21 are sent rolled in a paper tube, of course.
I am sending priority airmail or registered priority airmail (see shipping rates below).
Sorry, I am accepting no returns - too much mess with it and not worth a fry.
All dimensions are in centimeters. If you want to know inches size, use some conversion table please!

Europe: $4 (priority mail) $6 (registered mail)
Overseas: $8 (priority) $12 (registered)
Poland: 3 pln (priorytet) 6 pln (polecony)

E-mail me, now!


Now onwards to the photography portfolio! The links on left will guide you through, dears!


Bissextile Artwork

Here I tried to gather all the other art works I've done across years, apart from album covers. The "General" link contains all works which weren't comissioned anywhere so if you'd be interested in any those, feel free to get in touch and we will work something out!

Click the References link to get the list of people, bands and companies I was working with.


Bissextile Covers

These below are all comissioned album covers and other designs. Follow the thumbs beneath to take a look at my humble works. Thanks for viewing!
BLOOD RED THRONE - Altered Genesis (Earache Records) AUTUMNBLAZE - The Mute Sessions (Prophecy Productions 2003) AZARATH - Demon Seed (Pagan Records 2002) DRUNKARD - Alcoholic Thrash Attack (Deathstrike Records)
V/A - Eerie Emotional Music (Prophecy Productions 2004) EMPYRIUM - Demo Box (Prophecy Productions 2003, 100 copies only) EWIGHEIM - Mord nicht ohne Grund (Prophecy Productions 2001, 1st and 2nd pressing - different covers) EWIGHEIM - Tour EP (Prophecy Productions)
GEHENNAH - 10 years of fucked up behaviour (Bad Taste Entertainment 2003) GARDENS OF GEHENNA - Mechanism Masochism (Grau Records) INTELEKT KOLLAPSE - DVD (Pagan Records 2004) V/A - Lords Of Chaos (Prophecy Productions, limited box - CD's, book & poster)
V/A - Lords Of Chaos (Prophecy Productions, English & German version) GREEN CARNATION - The Quiet Offspring (Season Of Mist Records 2004) MANDRAKE - Calm the seas (Greyfall Records) MYSTERIUM - Soulwards (Prophecy Productions)
NECROSLAUGHTER - Sacrifice To Satan (Slava Productions, cassette edition) SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS / NACHTMAHR WITCHMASTER - Masochistic Devil Worship (Agonia Records, picture LP edition) THE VISION BLEAK - The deathship has a new captain (Prophecy Productions, 2CD digipack + jewel case editions)
EWIGHEIM - Heimwege (Prophecy Productions 2004, CD + 2 CD digipack) NEUN WELTEN - Valg - digipack MCD (Auerbach Tontraeger 2004) GREEN CARNATION - The Trilogy - 6 LP box (Prophecy Productions 2004) BLAZING ETERNITY - A world to drown in - digipack CD (Prophecy Productions 2003)
FRONT BEAST - 7 DIABOLIC FORCE - Prisoner Of Wickedness - tape (Deathstrike Records) EMPYRIUM - Weiland (Prophecy Productions) HANGÖVER / GMC - split CD (Bad Taste Entertainment)
POLTERKRIST - The Death Cell - demo (Deathstrike Records) WITCHMASTER - split LP with ADORIOR (Agonia Records 2004, cover and poster artwork) HONIGDIEB - Sie wie du bist (Kunterbunt Records, 2003) HONIGDIEB - Einzig, aber nicht artig (Kunterbunt Records 2004, CD + DVD)
OF THE WAND & THE MOON - DORNENREICH - Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen (Prophecy Productions, CD 2002) DORNENREICH - Nicht um zu sterben (Prophecy Productions, CD 2002) AUTUMNBLAZE - Words are not what they seem (Prophecy Productions 2004, CD and 2 CD digipack)
NECROSLAUGHTER - MOURNING BELOVETH - A Murderous Circus (CD/2CD, Grau Records 2005)